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Imagining the benefits of window replacement can be hard, especially if you've never gone through the process. By far, the most common reason is to increase energy efficiency and comfort in the home while saving money on monthly energy bills. Even though buying quality windows can be pricing, the monthly savings and the increase in home value will literally pay for itself in the long term. Aurora Window Replacement Co.'s window replacement Thornton will see you through the design step and installation, all while providing quality services that exceed your expectations. Our favorite part of the job is standing back with the home-owner and admiring the look and feel of new custom windows. Learn what our customers have to say about our window replacement company.
Thornton window replacement, interior of home with beautiful custom windows


Excellent job replacing windows for my home. The communication and customer support was top-notch during the whole experience. I highly recommend this company!
- Jenna Ryan
Window replacement contractor in Thronton replacing old windows with new custom windows

Local Window Replacement in Thornton with High-End Brands

A huge benefit of working with a local window replacement company in Thornton is the customer support. At Aurora Window Replacement Co., we assign one project manager to handle your job from start to finish. That means you won't have to talk with a corporate workers who don't know anything about your project. Our design specialists take personality to the next level with our custom window styles by providing customers with options that make sense. Most of our customers opt for the Andersen 100 series or Milgard equivalent. Even though we're local, doesn't mean we lack selection. You can take your pick from the most energy efficient casement, gliding, picture, and single-hung windows on the market. And with our extremely flexible payment plan, you can get your Thornton window replacement project started now!

Our Affordable Door & Window Installation Services

Window Replacement

The two key factors of successful window replacement in Thornton come down to choice. At the end of the day, you want to select the highest quality energy efficient windows and also have them installed correctly. That is why Aurora Window Replacement Co. only works with the top window manufactures to first ensure that quality products make it to installation. We are confident that our window installers can handle the second part. We have been in the field since 1984 and have over 60 years of combined experience with window installation services in Thornton. If you have a vision of installing new custom windows, we would love to help!

Door Installation

Unless you're a handy-man or handy-woman, installing doors can present a variety of challenges. First, the old frame must be, literally, ripped out. This can be a tricky task for older homes when standard sizes were not used as often. Next, the surfaces might need to be sanded or modified to fit the incoming frame. Leveling the frame against the floor and wall boards are extremely important as the fit must be absolutely snug in order to prevent any leakage in air. The goal is to create a perfect seal around the frame and have the door open and close smoothly. We have learned the entire process and have the hands on experience required for perfection. 

Our Custom Styles

As a window replacement company in Thornton, it is important to offer a wide selection of styles. As a local company, we compete with the largest brands. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to go above and behind with our customer service, quality installation, and include benefits of working with our company. One benefit is our amazing selection of custom styles that are designed to meet your needs. We understand that everyone's homes are unique. What works for one customer, might not work for another. That is why our approach streamlines certain processes, but offers custom solutions. Our design experts will work with you to get it right on the first time!

Benefits of Aurora Window Replacement Co. Window Replacement

Efficiency First

Our window replacement company is fixated on providing energy efficient windows and doors to home-owners who want to lower their monthly energy bill. That is why we only work with the top window manufactures to ensure success.

Flexible Finance Program

Window replacement in Thornton can be expensive, depending on home size. Aurora Window Replacement Co. offers a fantastic finance program that qualifies customers for $0 down and interest-free monthly payments. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Our lifetime guarantee is rarely necessary, but if something goes wrong after your any window installation service, we are more than prepared to set up an appointment at your convenience and correct any issue that resulted after installation.

No down payment, save money now, and get a lifetime service warranty... Get started now!

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