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Transform your Home with Window Replacement Lakewood!

If you are looking for a way to give your home a facelift, door and window replacement is a great option. By installing new energy efficient windows over older models, you will save money at the same time. Most of our customers prefer the Andersen 100 series, which is what we primarily install. They are extremely durable, well crafted, and stylish. In fact, many people are replacing windows  just to boost return on investment to their house by increasing curb appeal. 

If you aren't selling your property, you should still consider window replacement Lakewood sooner rather than later. We offer easy financing options that reduce payments to a manageable monthly cost with interest as low as 0% for qualifying customers. If you are interested in learning more about our window services, get in touch!
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Excellent job replacing windows for my home. The communication and customer support was top-notch during the whole experience. I highly recommend this company!
- Jenna Ryan
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Get Picture-Perfect New Windows for your Lakewood Home!

Did you know that homes that let in a lot of natural light are more appealing than those that don't'? Although picture windows can't be opened for a breeze, they draw in immense amounts of light and are a nice home addition. Aurora Window Replacement Co. also offers many other custom window styles, such as casement, awning, single-hung, and gliding. Our design experts will know what will look perfect in your home and make recommendations based on experienced. Of course, we also understand that this is your project, and we're just here to help any way that we can. After the design step, our window installation crew will do an impeccable job. You won't even know they were there.

Our Experienced Door & Window Replacement in Lakewood

Window Replacement

As a window installation company with decades of experience, we can assist in any way possible. Most commonly, our customers ask that we help ensure that their homes are as energy efficient as possible. A common concern is that new doors or windows is going to make a difference, but trust us; it will. Doors and windows are the number one place that air escapes. Making sure they seal correctly is very difficult. Even tough windows come in standard sizes, each job is considerably unique and requires a lot of custom effort. Our attention to detail in these matters is what set our window replacement in Lakewood apart from other companies.

Door Installation

Door installation in Lakewood doesn't have to be a pain with our tried and true methodologies. Aurora Window Replacement Co. can diagnose what is causing problems with your current door. Whether its a design flaw or a problem with the frame, we'll make sure that your new patio or storm doors are rock solid. While some customers just want a new doors for looks, others are seriously concerned with security of older doors, and they should be. Older doors are just not as durable and aren't as intruder proof. Our Provia doors are sure to exceed your expectations in overall look and quality. Learn more about our awesome door selection.

Our Custom Styles

The best part of window replacement in Lakewood is admiring our work with satisfied customers. It is hard to be dissatisfied with our custom window and door styles and the level of service we provide. Replacing windows is the easy part for our experts, but before the work begins, we want to make sure you are pleased with the products that you choose. That is why we only work with the best door window manufacturers, including Andersen, Milgard, and Provia. Since their product line-ups are both stylish and durable, we have no doubt we'll achieve our goal. Learn why Aurora Window Replacement Co. consistently delivers to its customers.

Our Amazing Window Replacement Service Benefits

With Efficiency in Mind

A huge problem with most homes  is how much air leaks through everyday. If every home in Lakewood were as efficient as possible, we could save a lot on energy consumption. Getting a professional window replacement is a great place to start. You'll also lower your energy costs.

Flexible Financing Options

Flexible financing is important when making a big purchase such as new custom windows. That is why we offer installments in manageable monthly payments. Most of our customers qualify right away for 0% interest and absolutely no up-front costs. That's affordable!

Lifetime Guarantee

When providing a home-improvement service, it is important to stand behind your work. For us, that is providing an excellent lifetime guarantee that can be transferred from home-owner to home-owner. We want our customers to be totally confident when choosing us for new windows.

No down payment, save money now, and get a lifetime service warranty... Get started now!

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