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How Much Does a Window Installation Cost, and Is It Worth the Price?

December 27, 2019

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New window installation costs can be somewhat steep for homeowners, especially if you’re planning on replacing all the windows of the home and if your house is a bit oversized with lots of windows! Whatever your new window installation costs, however, it’s good to consider new windows for your home on a regular basis, as technology in the design and manufacture of windows improves all the time, allowing for more energy efficiency and ease of use!

Average window installation costs run between $170 to $700 per window, depending on the window design and size and its energy-efficiency rating. This price may or may not include window installation, the cost of which will depend on a variety of factors.

While window installation costs might seem a bit steep for some homeowners, the best windows offer added insulation in a home against outside weather and noise, and an upgraded style you’ll love from the inside and outside! Before you decide on a window replacement for your home, or assume new windows are simply too costly, consider some advantages of residential window replacement and tips for choosing the right window style and operation for every room of your house.

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Why Choose a New Window Installation for Your Home

There are many benefits to a new window installation for your home, making them well worth your window installation cost. If you’re still unsure about investing in window replacement for your home, note a few of those advantages here, so you know the right option for your home and why this investment is worth considering.

  • Energy-efficient windows offer added insulation for your home, keeping your heating and air conditioning inside the house while blocking outside heat and cold. You might enjoy a more comfortable interior environment as well as lower utility costs throughout the year when you choose energy efficient windows.
  • Added insulation from energy-efficient windows also means less trapped humidity inside the home, reducing the risk of mold growth, mildew under carpet padding, and other water damage as well as a more comfortable environment during summer months.
  • Energy-efficient windows also provide more sound insulation for your home. This is a vital consideration for homes near busy roadways, schools, music halls, or other noise disturbances. New energy efficient windows also offer added comfort if your neighbors are simply a bit loud or your home is very close to theirs so you’re always being disturbed by their comings and goings.
  • Today’s UV-blocking windows deflect damaging UV rays while allowing sunlight inside the home. UV blocking windows offer a brighter and more welcoming interior environment without added heat and an uncomfortable, “stuffy” feeling inside your house. These windows also protect furniture fabric and wood floors from fading and houseplants from wilting under harsh sunlight.
  • Vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows need little to no maintenance over the years, as do wood window frames, and don’t conduct heat and cold as do aluminum windows. Choosing durable vinyl or fiberglass can mean enjoying your new windows for years if not decades without needing to paint, stain, or otherwise maintain those window frames, while enjoying a more comfortable interior.
  • Opting for tilt-in windows is an excellent choice for upper stories, so you never need to drag out your ladder and garden hose or pay a professional to wash exterior glass! Tilt-in windows are also a great choice for areas above flowerbeds, prickly shrubs, or other spaces that make it difficult to reach exterior glass even on the ground floor.
  • New windows enhance the appearance of your home inside and outside, offering an upgraded and updated look that increases curb appeal in an instant.
  • New, larger window replacements offer more light inside the home and a better view of your home’s exterior. Added sunlight in a home offers a welcoming and inviting look and prevents the home from looking dull and dingy. Bay or bow windows might also offer added seating, for small rooms or for families who love entertaining a crowd!
  • New window installations can also mean more fresh air in the home. For example, casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward, like doors. These provide a much larger opening than standard single-hung windows, for more fresh air inside your house.

Choosing the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

When you start shopping for the best replacement windows for your home through Fully-Verified, you might get overwhelmed by all your choices and options. Knowing a little bit more about their operation and style can help you decide on which is the best option for every room of the home.

  • Casement windows, as said, open along the side. These are an excellent choice for living room or sitting rooms where you want maximum light and fresh air circulation in the space.
  • Double-hung windows have two sashes, one on top of the other, with both sliding up and down. Double-hung windows are an excellent choice for kitchens, as opening the top window allows heat, smoke, and airborne grease to escape easily, keeping the space cool and comfortable.
  • For small rooms, consider bay or bow windows, with sides that jut out from the home’s exterior walls. These offer added light and keep the space from looking boxy and claustrophobic, while also offering added seating inside the home.
  • Picture windows don’t open so they’re a great choice for areas where you want lots of light and a view to the outside but will not necessarily need to open the window. For instance, you might install picture windows over a standing bathtub or in the home’s living room.
  • Transom windows are small windows installed over a door or other window. These offer added light inside the home and open up the space. Operational transom windows also open on a hinge, for added air circulation. A transom window is also a great way to add style to your entryway; you might have the home’s address numbers etched on the glass for a bold and fun look!
  • Awning windows open at the bottom, with a hinge across the top of the glass. If you love fresh air in the home even during inclement weather, choose awning windows! The angle of the glass allows rainwater to wash down the window and away from the home, while you still enjoy added air circulation inside.
  • Sliding windows slide from side to side rather than top to bottom. As sliding windows don’t have a frame in the middle of the glass pane, they offer lots of light and an unobstructed view, while providing lots of fresh air circulation inside the home as well.
  • Custom windows, as the name implies, are designed for a particular space in mind. These are an excellent choice for small rooms where standard windows might not fit or might overwhelm the space, or if you prefer something eye-catching, such as a hexagon shape, stained glass, or leaded windows.
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Why Choose a New Door Installation Along With Windows

When in the market for a new window installation, you might consider a door installation as well. Today’s fiberglass and vinyl doors are strong and difficult to crack or otherwise force open, while providing added insulation inside the home. Vinyl and fiberglass are also lightweight and easier to manage than heavy wood or steel, making them a preferred choice for anyone with mobility issues or limited physical strength.

Upgraded patio doors also provide additional security for your home. Triple-glazed glass provides more insulation inside the home and is difficult to break, ensuring your home and family are safe and secure! Wall-to-wall sliding doors or oversized French doors also offer a stylish look that improves the appearance of your home inside and out, while also allowing for more foot traffic in and out of the home. If you love to entertain a crowd on your home’s deck or patio, upgrade to larger doors that open up the space and keep everyone comfortable.

Related Questions

What’s the difference between a new window and a replacement window?

A new window is designed to be installed in new construction, before exterior brick or siding is applied. Replacement windows are just that; they replace current windows and fit snugly inside the framework of the home, or a contractor will need to cut a new opening for the window along the home’s framing.

How long does it take to install a window?

A simple window replacement job might take around 30 minutes. However, if a contractor needs to cut space for a larger window, or if the replacement window is overly large and needs extra careful handling, installation time might then increase accordingly.

Can you save on window installation costs?

As a homeowner, you might save on window installation costs by choosing a simple window design such as double-hung or casement rather than bow or bay windows. However, be careful about choosing low-quality, thin glass to save on window installation costs, as you’ll then have higher utility bills and a home interior with less insulation overall.

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